TINY TOES 1:  This is a 40 minute class dedicated to young children ages 3-4.  Tiny Toes 1 explores a variety of beginning dance steps and is taught in a fun and creative technique.  The class introduces basic dance exercises to develop flexibility, strength, and coordination.

TINY TOES 2:  This is simply a continuation of Tiny Toes 1.  The class is for children ages 5-6, or for those who have already taken Tiny Toes 1.  This is a 40 minute class and incorporates additional pre-ballet technique and vocabulary. .



PRE-BALLET:  Pre-ballet is offered to students ages 6-up, or students who have completed Tiny Toes 2.  Students will be able to complete the ballet positions and gain a basic vocabulary needed for ballet classes.  Students will also expand their knowledge of proper ballet posture and technique.  (40 min. class)

BALLET:  Ballet is the basic of all dance forms!  We highly recommend that new students begin training in ballet or take ballet concurrently with another dance class.  Ballet requires discipline and concentration, and develops grace and placement.  Ballet will provide dancers with a strong technique that is essential to other dance forms.  Beginning ballet classes generally begin with ages 7-up and each class resumes for 55 minutes, once a week.  More advanced ballet levels meet up to three times a week and incorporate pointe work.


JAZZ:  The focus of jazz dance is style!  Jazz incorporates body isolations, rhythm, technique and is performed for the pure pleasure of movement.  Jazz classes begin with ages 8-up, and each class is 55 minutes in duration.  Students will gain a better understanding of posture, body alignment, vocabulary, and technique while developing strength and flexibility. 


CHEER DANCE:  Cheer Dance is a 55 minute class for dancers ages 7-up.  This class is a good preparation for students who someday would like to be on a dance team or cheerleading squad.  The class focuses on sharp, strong, energetic movements that are essential to this type of dancing.  Cheer Dance incorporates basic jumps, leaps, turns, and cheerleading arm positions.  Students will also learn to make patterns through movements and perform other “showy” effects.  Much detail is placed on uniformity, energy, flexibility, and timing.


TAP:  Tap is a fun, enjoyable dance form in which the primary focus is to produce sound through movement.  In Tap, dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps.  Tap is a great class because it teaches rhythm and incorporates a broad vocabulary of steps and combinations.  Dancers should be at least 5 years old to start in our Kinder-Tap class, and 7 yrs old to begin the Tap 1A level.  All of our tap classes are 40 minutes in length.


LYRICAL:  Lyrical is a beautiful contemporary form of dance offered to dancers ages 11-up.  In Lyrical, you are dancing out the lyrics of a song, or portraying a certain emotion or quality of movement.  Lyrical can be a combination of ballet, jazz, and modern.  Dancers who take Lyrical must also be in enrolled in Ballet concurrently.


HIP-HOP:  Hip-Hop is a dance style primarily danced to hip-hop music that evolved from hip-hop culture.  It is a fun form of dance that has grown in popularity with teens and pre-teens, and is always changing.  This class teaches rhythm, coordination, musicality, and age-appropriate choreography without suggestive music/movements. (55 min. class)

Acrobatics: This is a new class at In Motion which combines floor tumbling with dance elements. Acrobatics focuses on tumbling, balancing, and developing flexibility. Tumbling mats are used for the class. This is a 55 minute class.


MUSICAL THEATRE: Musical Theatre has been recognized as a newer style of jazz dance most notably seen in musicals.  Students will learn Broadway-style choreography as well as song and dance numbers from a variety of musical productions past and present. (55 min. class)


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